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Grade 4 Math: Multiplication and Division 1

1.  The Smiths are having a family reunion at a restaurant.  Each car
can take five family members, including the driver.  If there are 26
Smiths, how many cars will they need?

2.  Joe wants to make an enormous card castle from 300 playing cards.
How many decks of 52 playing cards will he require to make his card

3.  How many six-cent stamps are needed for a letter that requires
forty-one cents of postage?

4.  At a party, there are ten guests that each eat two slices of
pizza.  How many pizzas (each of which have eight slices) did the
party need?

5.  A restaurant needs to fill an order of eleven three-egg omelets.
How many cartons of one-dozen eggs will be required for the order?