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Grade 2 Math: Multiplication and Division 3

Allanna was given 5 stickers from each of her 4 grandparents.   

a. How many stickers did Allanna receive? 

b. She then gave 3 stickers to her best friend.  How many stickers did
she have left?

c. If she then gave away 3 stickers each to 3 more people, how many
pieces would she have left?

Allanna and her friends got 2 pizzas with 8 slices each.

d. How many slices of pizza were there? 

e. Allanna and her 4 friends each ate two slices of pizza.  How many
slices were left?

f. Later, another pizza with 8 slices was delivered.  How many slices,
including the left over slices from before, are there now?