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Grade 1 Capitalization Worksheets

Browse our free, printable capitalization worksheets for grade one.

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Grade 1 Capitalization #1
Grade 1 Capitalization #2
Grade 1 Capitalization #3
Knowing how and when to capitalize words is a key step that students can learn in grade 1. Parents can help their children develop this skill using our worksheets!

Our free printable worksheets have sentences that are entirely in lower case. Have your child decide which words need to be capitalized and ask them why -- is it the first word in a sentence? A proper name? A day of the week?

Once a child has worked through a worksheet, try it again a few weeks later -- see if they remember their lessons.

All of our worksheets are free and printable; they should fit on a single piece of paper that you can work on with your child at home. The benefit of printing worksheets out is that the child can complete them in their room, at their desk, or at the kitchen table. It's also easier for a parent to work with their child if they are both looking at a printed worksheet, instead of trying to squeeze around a computer.

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